The project

This site was created to promote and support the Olympic campaign for Tokyo 2020 of Alexandra Stalder and Silvia Speri.

Therefore we have set up a fund-raising campaign to collect financial resources to enable them to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic campaign.

In addition to our parents and our clubs financial efforts, we are looking for new sponsors that can give an important contribution, while we think that everyone can contribute to our dream and that’s the reason why we decided to activate this crowdfunding campaign in the first place.

The short goal is to buy a new boat at a cost of 32,000 euros, which will carry us for the next two years.

In the event that the fundraising exceeds the target, the money will be used to cover the other huge expenses (sail kits, transfers for regattas, compensation for coaches, etc.).

Thank you all and follow us on our facebook page